Touch Dance 2 App Review

Touch Dance 2 App

Sometimes it isn’t enough to be able to have a dancing session on your own in the house in front of a console. While dance games for the Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Wii certainly fill a gap in the market, many would argue that you can’t possibly restrict yourself to console gaming in this modern age of mobile communications, on-the-go entertainment, and app-based amusement. Filling such a dance- shaped gap in the mobile app market is a difficult task considering the platform limitations, but Touch Dance 2 is an app from Apps Alliance that manages to shrug off the apparent difficulties inherent in trying to produce a successful dance-based game given the limits of any mobile device. In fact, it takes the relatively forgotten-about format of dance-based arcade games and brings it to the small or slightly larger screen of the iPod/iPhone/iPad so that you can enjoy a pretty intensive finger workout in time to a huge library of popular tracks as well as some tracks of your own. You’ll need two fingers and the same number of ears at the ready for this one, and a willingness to groove on an almost limitless basis.

As is briefly mentioned above, the game’s interface is similar to many dance games that you would have likely seen entertaining people in arcades and providing a sideshow to the entertainment at bowling alleys. Known as Dance Dance Revolution, this huge machine takes up quite a bit of room in whichever establishment contains it (it was eventually released as a console-based dance game with accompanying dance mat as Dance Dance Revolution) but it should be a familiar sight to most since it involves people stepping onto it and stomping their feet on various combinations of the four tiles that light up, all in time with music in order to give you a sort of visual tutorial on how to go about performing the steps for each song. This s exactly the format of Touch Dance 2: at its most basic, the game is a condensed version of Dance Dance Revolution which has a 4-tile interface, the individual squares on which must be pressed with a combination of the index and middle finger of your hand as the corresponding tiles in the instructional indicate you to do so.

The game’s reward system involves being awarded points for accurate steps that are in time with the instructional tiles that move across the screen and through the ‘tap’ zone. You can earn multipliers for many consecutive dance moves that are performed correctly. There are also long-press moves that require you to keep continued pressure on the screen for as long as you are instructed to. The format was surprisingly fun to play and the four-tile system keeps it simple whilst containing enough variation to be challenging as well.

Touch Dance 2 App

You may be wondering about perhaps the most important detail in any dance game, which are the songs that you get to finger-dance along to. Well, the existing database of songs that come with the app is pretty restricted and only contains demos: a huge database of songs is available for purchase within the app however. These include songs from artists like Usher, Madonna, N-Dubz, Queen, Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, and a great deal more. Perhaps one of the best features is the dance-routine creator that lets you pick any song that you have on your iOS device and make up a new and completely original dance routine of your choosing; it can be saved and then uploaded so that it is then searchable in the database for anyone in the world to access.

Aside from Facebook integration for publishing things like your scores and unique routines, there isn’t much other content to access in this game from Apps Alliance. There definitely feels like there is an absence of a few extra modes such as timed modes, playlist modes, or any other variations on the game’s format that you would expect of dance games and which come as standard in ones such as Zumba Fitness Rush. Though it lacks in content and longevity, it does have a pretty slick look to it and is about as neon-bright as console-based dance game Just Dance 4 and the rest of the series. Still, with the content as sparse as it is due to lack of different game modes, this game’s appeal will only last as long as the song list on your iOS device, perhaps stretching to a few in the purchasable database.