Midlands Dance Classes and Workshops

Deep down, there aren't many people in the world that don't wish they could bust impressive moves on the dance floor. Regardless of age, dance is a fantastic way to keep your fitness levels up, make a social gathering an event to remember, and simply to get people together to have a good time. It's pretty lucky then that the Midlands area of the UK has quite a range of dance-based activities for people to be getting along with and that people can utilise as a resource to provide anything from a bit of once-in-a-while fun to a regular pastime that can become a hobby or even a craft. These dance-based activities come in the form of dance classes and workshops, many of which are a stone's throw away from where people live. You will find below a list of a variety of dance classes organised into dance styles, with a few different options for each style so that here is some variety for people to choose from.

Salsa Dancing


If you've ever felt the need to get seriously swinging on the dance floor, then Swing could be the dance style you're after to make your feet work and your heart pump like it's never pumped before. These swing classes could very well become the focal point of your week if this is the style of your choosing.

Harborough Swing Dance

The Jubilee Hall, Congregational Church Centre, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 8HR

Harborough Swing Dance is a collective that puts on variety of workshops on a regular basis ranging from the Lindy Hop orkshop to styles that are inspired by a variety of different types of dance. Events are also a regular thing at the Jubilee Hall, and live swing bands are also a regular occurrence.

View the website for Harborough Swing Dance

Strictly Jitterbug - Birmingham, Kennelworh, Rugby

Strictly Jitterbug's fantastic name is indicative of the kind of fun you will have if you choose to pop along to any one of their three locations in the Midlands. Jitterbug is a lively style of dance that incorporates a variety of different swing styles; Strictly Jitterbug holds regular courses and events where the Jitterbug style is prominent.

View the Strictly Jitterbug Website


If i's something with a bit more flare and heart-racing potential you're looking for, Latin is the dance style for you. Popularised hugely by the dance-fitness craze of Zumba, Latin dance can range anywhere from a light workout to a serious cardiovascular sweat session.

Latin Motion - Birmingham

Having been active for oer twenty years, Latin motion provides eager dancers with an outlet for their Latin-style needs. Specialising in Latin and Salsa dancing, Latin Motion provides dance workshops, regular classes, and hosts frequent club nights running throughout the year.

For information about the location and nature of the classes, visit the Latin Motion Website.

Spirit Salsa- Birmingham

Now here's a dance organisation that hosts a variety of different styles ranging from Salsa, Swing, and Jive to Tango, Tap, and Cha Cha. Few dance classes offer such a wide variety of different styles and such a selection of different teachers. There are so many different instructors that pretty much anyone should be able to find their perfect fit!

See the Spirit Salsa Website for more information

Cubansalsa - Uttoxeter

Cubansala specialise of course in the Cuban Salsa style of dancing. The regular dance classes welcome dancers of all abilities, and since Cuban Salsa is such an accessible style of dancing to learn, there's no limit to the types of dancer or non-dancer that can attend!

See the Cubansalsa profile at Dance Federation