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Dancepad App Review:

Dancepad App

Top 5 iPad App! - Top 5 iPad Game! - #1 Music Game for iPad! Ready to get your finger groove on? Moonshark and Jennifer Lopez proudly present DancePad™, a tasty new finger dancing game for the iPad inviting you to join the revolution and move your hand to the beat. Jump, slide and jive as you level up and unlock new dances!

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Just Dance: Disney Party Game Review:

Just Dance: Disney Party Game

Parents should be aware that this title is a music dance game designed for younger fans of Disney as well as devoted adults who have pleasant disney childhood memories. Similar to other Just Dance games, players mimic all the movements of the dancers on the screen and they're able to play against one another within the same room. The game contains one particular song that makes reference to alcohol very briefly and children may be attracted to the overall commercialised aspects of the game, however, it does not contain any offensive content.

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Touch Dance 2 App Review:

Touch Dance 2 App

Touch Dance 2 is a breathtaking dance game available exclusively for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. If you are a frequent nightclub visitor and your home is on the dance floor, then you must check this out. The developers focus was on creating the best dance experience on mobile devices and YES they succeeded! You should warm up your fingers before playing since this is the real beat tapping & finger positioning game. Touch Dance 2 contains over 60.000 unique dance tracks added by other players and we are growing stronger every day.

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Happy Feet Movie Review

Happy Feet Movie

With its cute tap dancing penguins, you may think that Happy Feet is no more than a cute children's movie. Well, at least that's what we thought after seeing its trailer for the first time. However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the film is more akin to an epic, exploring friendships and the courageous act of embracing individuality.

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